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7 Amazing Things About Mising Community of Assam That Will Leave You Mesmerized

Roselina Borpatra Gohain
Intern, Bordoisila

16th February, 2016

Innocent by nature, the Mising tribe is one of the most colourful tribes of Assam with their unique style of living and culture. This colourful yet unique tribe forms a considerable part of the tribal population of the north-east India. They have their distinct social behaviour, living pattern, dwellings, socio-religious functions, agriculture, dresses and language. They are simple as well as straight forward which indeed please their guests or visitors. With all these exciting impressions in mind, let us have a look at the 7 amazing things about the Mising community of Assam which will give us a glimpse of their beautiful tradition and cultural heritage:

1.Their amazing festival, Ali-aai-ligang

It is the most vibrant festival of the Misings. People come together in the festival, dance by stepping, flinging, flapping their hands and swaying their hips, which reflect their youthful passion. Brightly coloured traditional costumes are exhibited by young youths as they dance and sing in celebration. Food items like "Poro Apong", "Nogin Apong", pork and dry fish are essential for the feast in the festival.

2.Weddings of Mising community make everything festive

Weddings are festive affairs for the Mising community. Everyone, the young and old ones, take part and enjoy to their fullest. This community has 3 typical types of marriage - Da:ro Midang, Kumsu-jo:su and Dugla la:nam,which have their own features and interesting rituals. The Misings follow the custom of `Magbo-dugnam, where the would-be bridegroom renders service in the house of his would-be bride.

3.Weaving is the exclusive preserve of the Mising women

The Mising women are born artists, which reflecs in the designs of their clothing. They have their own features. They wear 'Galuk', 'Ege', 'Gachar' and also attires of different colours such as 'lake-Ege', 'Yambo', 'Gero', 'Ribi', 'Gaseng' etc.

4.Mishing food has striking flavours

Their food habits are quite different from the other tribes of Assam. And no one would ever want to miss the finger licking taste of Sai mod, pork and rice. Drooling, eh? And yes, who would not want to enjoy Nogin Apong and Poro Apong. Tasty, isn’t it?

5."Oi-ni:tom" has its own taste

These songs occupy a unique position in popularity amongst the Mising people. These songs give expressions to Mising’s thoughts. Be it a yearning youthful heart or the desire to talk with the lover, everything can be fulfilled through "Oi-Ni:tom". On festive occasions, the youths, the girls in particular, put on artistically woven clothes and dance to the tunes of Oi-Ni:toms.

"Adi jili jiliko, miksi jili jiliko, Adi jili pinyepe miksi jili pinpemang"

6.Mising people are united

Generally, the villagers lead a very peaceful, simple, and hygienic life. But, the Mishing community stands out for its love of peaceful living. You won't find any barriers among their houses in villages. They are fun loving people and are always ready to welcome guests. It is a common practice to join hands and greet the guests and offer them a bowl of rice beer in villages. And who would want to miss a bowl of rice beer?

7.They have different religious faiths

Mising people believe that they are descendants of the Sun and the Moon. They worship 'Donyi Polo'. Donyi is the sun and polo is the moon. However, now, Mising people follow Hinduism as well as worship Donyi Polo. Also, some of them have converted to Christianity.

Misings have a rich culture and it has been preserved well. Mising manuhor dore hohoj horol, kumol hridoy, aru otithiporayon manuh hoitu kotu nai.

Visit a mishing gaon and see the ways they serve you; love and feel the culture, ethics and their heart. You will be mesmerized by all of them. Long live the Mishing tribe. Mishing rengam irroi!

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