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7 Factors Which Make Fancy Bazaar The Shopping Hub Of Guwahati

Ankita Kakaty
Contributor, Bordoisila

21st March, 2016

Fancy Bazaar- the cosmopolitan market stretch of Guwahati is a true shopping paradise for the city dwellers. Having connected by an efficient public transportation system, the market is easily accessible by people from all sections of the society. Popularly known as “Phaasi Bazaar” among the locals, the market is a hub for a wide assortment of wholesale products. From food to garments, artifacts to jewels and decors to furniture, this place has it all.  In spite of the emerging mall culture in the city, this market hasn’t lost its sheen and continues to cater to the shopping needs of zillions of people without burning a hole in their pockets. So let’s check out the 7 amazing things which make Fancy Bazaar the market hub of Guwahati.

1.A home to the traditional fabrics of Assam

Hunting for some silk attires? Head to the Kamarpatty area of Fancy Bazaar where you can get a wide variety of regional fabrics like the Muga, Pat, Eri/ Eni etc. in warm colors and textures. So, don’t waste a sec. Make a move and take your pick.

2.You ought to shop at Babu Bazaar

Own by the Sarawgis, the Babu Bazaar is Guwahati’s most popular shopping market with shops ranging from a houseful of essentials to clothes, trinkets, accessories, flowers and great food. And they are all well within your budget. Just a tip - While shopping here, bring your bargaining skills into play and you're all set for an awesome shopping experience.

3.The charm of A.C. market will leave you in awe

This iconic market has in store for you amazing branded garments, especially for the ladies. From unstitched clothing garments to readymade wear, this place has in it to make you go on a shopping spree.

4.The Shopper’s Point is truly an ultimate shopping point –

For the brand conscious consumers, the shopper’s point is the ultimate destination. Located in the busy Hem Baruah street, this destination offers you a splendid collection of designer sarees, lehenga, suits and jewellery along with multiple brands like Monte Carlo, UCB, Marco Polo and many more. One can also go for customized picks in the market. So what are you waiting for? Rush to this place to feel the tint of urban vibes.

5.The Famous Maszid Lane would add a lot to your memory lane

The Maszid Lane area of Fancy Bazaar is famous for the gadgets and gizmos. For all the techno freaks, this locale provides the budget friendly stuff at the most affordable price. Shahida market situated in the Maszid lane is another house of wholesale electronics along with beautiful metallic items and brass decors. These vivid products are the specialties of this place.

6.You get a wide range of eateries to explore

Now, you have to agree that no shopping is complete without good food. And if you are to explore some food joints in the Fancy Bazaar area, settle yourself in the famous ones like the Laxmi Cabin, Maruti, Hotel Kuber and Nova to relish the lip-smacking cuisines. From the most expensive to the pocket friendly ones, fancy bazaar area has got it all.

7.The Flea Markets can bring for you some real glee

The diversity and colors of a city are perfectly captured in its local flea markets. From costume accessories to wind chimes, there is no fun like street shopping on a go. Along with it, a healthy dose of bargaining will just make your day. And, in case you are tired, you can always find the roadside stalls offering delicious puchkas and chat and give yourself the much needed break from the long hours of shopping on foot. So, get set for a weekend hopping.

Traditionalism blended with modernity is the most striking feature of Fancy Bazaar, the iconic market hub of Guwahati. Although the city today is witnessing an advent of shopping transformation with top fashion brands and high-rise residential and commercial complexes parading into the city, all this razzle-dazzle can never steal away the mass footfalls of the shoppers’ pilgrimage – Fancy Bazaar. So, let’s celebrate and uphold the spirit of this destination for ultimate regalia. Shop on folks!!!

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