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7 Things Only a Girl Having an Axomiya Boy Friend Can Relate to

Shaheen Rahman
Intern, Bordoisila

31st January, 2016

Sweet guys are an endangered species; and when we girls see one, we never leave a single chance to admire them. But unlike guys we don’t show how badly we get a crush on. Be it the leather jacket or their meetha haahi, we notice and we love talking about it. Today I confess a few things about our Axomiya guys that we girls just can’t help gushing about.

1.He is a great cook. PERIOD!

The way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach. Okay for some of us at least! Obviously you don’t have to win a MASTER CHEF competition, even a simple dish will do. This is one reason why we love our Axomiya boys. Be it birthday parties or picnics they carry their “moi asu nohoi’ attitude and cook it really fast really good.

2.He doesn’t go around showing off like a stud. He keeps it easy and simple, and that’s charming in its own way

Believe me; it’s your sweet and simple approach that excites us. It’s the first “bhaal ne?” that comes from you we love rather than those over the top conversations.

3.You get just the right amount of confidence in him

The fine line that separates arrogance from confidence lies between ‘I can not fail’ and ‘I can succeed if I work hard’. Unlike the other overconfident champs who act around girls, our boys don’t pretend to be super heroes and this hohoz horol trait in them conquers our heart.

4.He is defensive of you. And you looove that

It doesn’t matter if you are his girlfriend or a good friend; just a glimpse of sadness on your face is enough to make him say “kune ki korile beh! Naam ko.”

5.His sense of humour will amuse you

When it comes to the most desirable traits in a guy, ‘a good sense of humour’ tops the chart for every girl. Our Axomiya Loras won’t leave any stone unturned and put all of their skills at work but jomai he eribo which is just enough to make any girl smile.

6.Trust me you won’t regret falling in love with him

Axomiya Loras are great fun. They are outward, humorous and easy going. They are broad minded and will support you for what you are. Being with them can never be boring and this makes us fall for our koliza.

7.He will always be there to listen to your bakwas

You can open up to them and share anything. Even if you keep speaking incessantly for hours, they don’t get bored an ounce and only say softly “Aaru kua”.

There are lot many more traits in Axomiya Loras that we girls love about. While I have penned down a few, you may add what else you like in them. And Axomia guys, this listicle is for you guys because being around you is fun.

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