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8 Reasons Why You Should Never Date Anyone from Northeast India

Mary Jane
Content Developer, Bordoisila

14th May, 2016

Dear rest of India, greetings from the Northeast. I know most of you must be find the clickbait an overstatement, but trust me when I say it is with the utmost sincerity that I share this listicle with you. How well do you think you know Northeast India? How often do stories and headliners from Northeast India hit the national media? The only exposure you get is perhaps through the few friends or classmates or colleagues you have from this estranged part of the country. You have always badgered them with hundreds of things that pop in your head. Like how’s life like back home? You have Chinese cousins, right? I’m sure city life must be overwhelming since all this is NEW FOR YOU!

Well yes, all the stereotypes about us are true. And therefore, here are the 8 reasons why you should never date anyone from Northeast India.

1.The transport and communication system is totally pathetic.

Yeah, transport facility in northeast is quite weak. With just 5000kms of roads, equal amount of railways, just 12 functional airports and the lack of a space center makes it difficult to travel around. And fyi, Agartala recently became India’s third Internet Gateway after Chennai and Mumbai.

2.For people here are less educated.

FYI, 2 out of 3 states in India with highest literacy level are from NE.

3.Let’s not talk about the food.

We are born into the slogan, “Your pet, our food”. So that sums up all.

4.Northeast have no fashion sense.

Leaves and feathers, on all weathers.

5.The music in northeast is at a pathetic level.

Do I need to explain?

6.Probably might be a militant.

Children here are gifted a gun on their first birthday. True story.

7.No great places to explore.

Yeah, right!

8.And yes dowry too.

Welcome to perhaps the only dowry free zone in India. Because we think for a happy married life, love is more important than a Maruti car.

All things considered, this article is a product of pure sarcasm which I sincerely hope you get. 

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