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9 Dresses For the Assamese Girls To Beat The Heat This Summer.

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

9th May, 2016

Summer has just begun and the heat is already making us run to the shades. With the sun ever ready to take out even the last drop of energy inside us, we look for different aids to help us beat it. And topping the list of these aids is looking for the ultimate clothes that can make us feel cooler. And thus, with an impending summer ahead, let us update ourselves with the smartest ways of getting dressed this season. And girls, before I proceed with the list of certain summer dresses that I have shortlisted, let me remind you the basics : never go out without a sunscreen and don’t let your eyes see the light without the shades. Now, we all know that fashion is something that is very global. And we’re blessed that this part of India, the North-East has always been fashionably sound. So, to explore what things are really reigning this season and how we can blend this fashion with the Assamese flavour. Let us take a round. Shall we?

1.This season you can’t get enough of Palazzos

It ruled last year and it will continue ruling again. Thanks to Palazzos, summer becomes comfortable ahead! You can always team it up with floral shirt tops, or the split dresses if the palazzo is of solid colour. This will give you a time out from your denims.

“Gela Goromot Palazzo'e rokhiyya!”

2.Skirts can do wonders for you

“Long Skaart is in the trend”

This season, there comes the ever pretty skirts. You can try the long ones as well as the three quarters and the short ones.

3.Kurtis and Leggings

We all know how kurtis and leggings rule. There are new designs ranging from extra long kurtis to kurtis with shirt collars and the regular length kurtis. And since it is summer, the cotton ones should be your picks.

4.Behold the Dungarees and Jumpsuits

This season dungarees and jumpsuits are really cool. So try them - be it the long ones or the short ones. And team them up with check shirts or some comfortable tees.

5.Play with floral

If you aren’t trying out the floral prints, well you’re really missing out on something. You can sport the floral dresses, the floral tops etcetera. You cannot go wrong with this one for sure!

6.Go for those loose maxi dresses

Summer should always be about comfortable clothes. You don’t want to wear those tight fitting dresses and sweat vigorously, do you? So go for those long loose maxi dresses. To style them up, you can opt for casual belts and cotton shrugs. But don’t overdo them.

Go anti-fit this summer!

7.The denims to look out for

This summer, go for the lightweight denims. Sport the lighter blue shaded denims and go for cotton shirts. Nothing looks classier than a white shirt and faded blue denim!

8.Then you can always mix and match

You can wear tunics and tops made of the Assamese traditional fabrics like Muga and Eri fabrics. This way you can sport a traditional yet contemporary look for the season.

9.You can count on the khaadi waistcoats

One thing that can really rock your look this summer is the classic khaadi. Find the bright coloured khaadi waistcoats and team them up with light solid coloured loose kurtis.

While style is an individual’s choice; fashion is something that is given to us. And it depends entirely on you as to how to be trendy and yet let your individuality speak. Just keep in mind to never overdo anything and for the summer, the main aim should be keeping it simple. So girls, don’t let the sun stop you from going out and increase the hotness quotient. Feel the heat and beat it in the most stylish way! 

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