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9 Dumb Questions Every Assamese Girl In a Relationship Gets To Hear

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

19th March, 2016

They say everything changes when you’re in love. Indeed! But then, after you get into a commitment, the people around you change too. They start seeing you in a different way. And sometimes, the girl feels as if she’s carrying a sign board of being in a relationship all the time. And often she comes across certain funny but weird remarks/ questions. Mostly they are from the friends. And here are some of those queries that the Assamese committed girls can surely relate to :

1.When your friends suddenly get the news that you’re not single anymore

“Kot Paali Bey BF?”

They’d ask you as if they are talking about some cosmetic you just bought.

2.When you say to friends that you can’t go out this weekend with them

All of them would be in tune and say, “Aji Kali Nu Kot Jaabi Amaar Logot. Aami Nu Kun?”

3.And every time you buy a new dress, they would ask

“BF'e Dile No?”

Come on; everyone isn’t into gold digging.

4.It may be only 5 minutes that you're into a conversation with your man but when you hang up, you’d surely get to hear

“Imaan Ki Kotha Ulai Nu Tohotor? Aami Bujie Naapau Aaru.”

5.And when you go all dressed up with your friends even if your BF isn’t around

 “BF Tu Nai Iyaat, Tenehole Imaan Chaal Diso Je?”

6.If you are planning a day out with only your friends, your Mom would still think you gonna be with your BF

And she wouldn’t skip to ask, “Hi Tu Jaboi'e No?”

7.And suddenly any problem would become BF problem

“Ki Hol Oi, BF'e Kiba Kole No?”

Gimme a break! I'm crying watching a sad movie. Can't I?

8.Your dresses’ length didn’t matter until now

When you go out wearing shorts, you’re often asked, “BF'e Diye No Shorts Pindhibole?”

News Flash: What you wear is entirely your choice!

9.And the biggest question of all when you’re very genuinely asked

“Taar Logot Serious Ne? Mane Taar Logotein Biya Hobi Ne?”

Now that is some question, isn’t it?

Being in a relationship isn’t the whole of you; it is just another important facet to your life. But then changes do occur. And our friends bring them along with their funny and weird expressions. And although the replies vary with every girl, the questions more or less tend to remain the same.  All the ones who had gone through would surely know and for the ones who are on the verge of commitments, I would suggest you all to be ready for some “changes”.


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