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9 Moments Every Assamese Having That Unpunctual Friend Can Instantly Relate to

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

24th March, 2016

Punctuality is basically a human trait. Some posses the trait while the others keep trying to develop it. And then there are some people who simply don't give a hoot. Ha-ha! They are the ones who are skilled at the art of putting things off for later. And we all have at least that one friend who can never make it on time. And coincidentally, all the late-comers have the same things to say. So, this one goes out to all those Assamese time delayers and also the poor ones who await them. 

1.The way the “Delayer” manipulates you

You know that he/she is never on time but they’d still say those words, “Promise re moi correct time't goi paam taat”.

2.The things they say that they would do

: To assure that this time they’d be responsible, “Toi Uluar Time't muk Miss Call Eta Dibi, tetia tu moi late nohoue”

3.They would play the distance card

The late-comers often say, “Mur Ghoror Ekebare Usorotein Pore Heitu Jaga, Kio Nu Late Hom Ko?”

4.When everyone else is getting ready, they would hover around to waste some more time

And when you charge them with the wasting, they’d be like, “Nohoi O Tohote Ki Ki Pindho Takei Sabo Ahisu!”

5.They all tell the same lie

“Mur Ulaaute Tu Besi Time Nalagei, Tohotor he Lage!”

6.And when you make a call to know where they’ve reached, they always trick you

They’d go, “O Paluhie, Aru 5 Minutes Roh”, while they are probably still home deciding what to wear.

7.When the 5 minutes become half an hour, they find another way to torture

Many a time, they wouldn’t pick up your calls or instead leave a text saying, “Bohut Traffic Jam Hoise, Please Aaru Olop Roi De”.

8.Sometimes the past victims give that late-lateef a taste of his own medicine

They would give the late-comers a time earlier, so that the deceitful delayer may be on time that way.  Your plan goes like, “Toi Eta Kaam Kor Toi 4:30t Pai Jabi” while you know you won’t reach before 6.

9.And at last when they reach, they behave as if your waiting for them wasn’t a big deal

And they just ignore everything and say, “Hobo De Kajia Kori Aru Late Koribo Nalage Etia!

It’s like they plot these little schemes all the while and you get played over and over again until the time comes when you realize that a “Delayer” always remains a “Delayer”. And there’s no way they would understand the pain of waiting for them. Therefore, I suggest to take them in pure humour otherwise the waiting would be too tough to handle! And, and, don't forget to tag your late-coming friend. They've an article on them now, although, behind time.

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