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9 Probable Reasons Why Axomiya Manuhe Polai Biya Kore

Akangkhya Kashyap
Intern, Bordoisila

16th April, 2016

Suali poluai anile is one of many things we get to hear mostly in the month of Bohag. While it is seen as an evil more often than not, should we not also try seeing it as something funny or something sensible (at times) happening around us? People are still negative about love marriages and if it’s inter-caste or inter-religion, dukhon mahabharat’r juddho ekeloge hobo pare! Okay, I’m kidding.

If you don't desire a fat Indian wedding ceremony, probably eloping away is one good option. Ha-ha! Is it? I did some serious homework of imaginations before penning them down, and I think these should be some of the probable, weird and funny reasons manuhe kio polai biya paate but hey! Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely co-incidental!

So, here they go:

1.Most importantly, you save some good amount of money.

You save a hell lot of money! Dher poisa. Think of all that can be done with that money you saved. Perhaps you can take a trip to the Bahamas, Hawaii, NYC or Bangladesh, just anywhere! Beleg nalage, diamond ring eta’e kinu tar/tair karone!

2.Spare yourself from petty comments of relatives.

Eitu nokoriba, xeitu nakhaba, enekoi napai, sualijoni kola, loratu topa, bla bla bla. Not used to it? Run for your lives, run!

3.You are saved from matha mara about food items. Sobei khabo, moy saam?

Have ji mon jai, jotei mon jai. You don’t need to bother about your weight anymore or your hunger. No fasts, no boredom and no post marriage food pouring into stomach due to unwanted invitations from all over the planet. Ice cream khau, kebab dobau eku problem nai!

4.Away from unwanted gifts. Pressure cooker nalage tu!

You know what’s unwanted. After the wedding you’re like “iman mosto shirt eitu uthise biya’t, kune pindhibo?!”

5.Wedding becomes adventurous. Doribo loga’r hekh nai.

Has your life become dull and vapid? Spice it up. Put on your running shoes and dour maara with your kolija. Kiba toofaani kora!

6.Offers in honeymoon packages. Oh God! Paris jabo paam!

A grand discount offer on a honeymoon package tour to the place that ranks first on your bucket list ends in two days and you just cannot miss it because this offer returns only after three long years. 3 bosor kun robo!? Time nai! Bola polai biya koru baapeke!

7.Mur biya, mur morji.

You don’t have to pick up a dress from the salesman dada’s favorites or dress up according to your khuri’s choice. It’s your big day and you wear your favorites. Make up? Mur morji!

8.Too much love? Tetia oxanti.

Somehow I can’t perceive the degree of (what they call) love present between some 13-16 year olds these days. Soku saat mari dhore. They are mostly the ones with ‘separated’ and ‘complicated’ relationship facebook statuses. Grand salute to their not-so-necessary guts for suali poluai ona or lorar logot polai jua. If it is too much prem, bhaiti- bhonti iman prem bhaal nohoy kintu!

9.Unnecessary furniture from the bride’s side. Maajoni’r logot bisona ekhonoke di potham.

Although we Axomiyas don’t indulge ourselves in the dowry system, there are family members on the bride’s side who will not send their daughter without a sofa set or a wardrobe even though the groom refuses. Sualijonik xudaa haate pothabo nuaru nohoy! Loboi lagibo apunaluke. Brilliant idea! Polai’e jaungoi bola.

Eloping, if done for the right reason is a pretty cool step to take (teenagers and toddlers still not welcome). You also get to know through this process who your real friends are and kune bas 'mufat't' khabo aahe.

Hopefully every parent will understand when they see their children happily married in the near future. But hang on! That doesn’t mean moy soboke polabo koisu, okay!?  Sticking to morals is always a good manner but only till itdoes not drive you nuts.

Is anyone up for polai biya kora?

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