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9 Sweet Things that Happen When an Assamese Loves Someone Outside their Caste Or Religion

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

15th April, 2016

"Jodiu Moi Telot Uposai Khai Bhaal Pau, Tumar Karone Tumi Bhaal Pua Hijua Khua'u Hepaherei Khaam!"

You can never decide who you fall in love with. And this very fact makes every other thing pointless.  Had cupid known which hearts to be struck together; many love stories would have become easier. But then what is love anyway if it easy. And in love when nothing else seems to be helping, we leave it to God. But then some of us have perks of calling out to two different Gods or at least two different names. And that brings us to our topic- the sweet and some-not-so-sweet things that every Assamese in an interfaith or inter-caste relationship can relate to

1.Being an inter-caste/religious couple, you get the best of both worlds

Imagine Khaar Anjaa meeting Kebab. Yes, you get to have the best foods from both sides. A delight for foodies.

2.You get to be a part of a different faith

Falling in love with someone outside your customs gives you a chance to understand the other. “Efaale Church Aaru aanfale Dhekiakhowa Bornamghor! Duyukei Bujibo Paribo!”

3.And the jokes that come along with the relationship

Friends never leave a chance to cut the jokes “Tohotor Prem Nohoi Mahabharat He Hobo Goi!”

4.With two people, two worlds get widened up

Your love pushes the boundaries of your world; suddenly you might be dancing to the tunes of both Bihu and Bhangra!

5.Then at times there are the cute arguments of who is superior

“Taar Mane Tumi Koisa Tumaaluk'r Shondesh Aamar Payokh't Ke Besi Bhaal?” are the common battle ground topics.

6.It is well known that having two different backgrounds raise brighter kids

The exchange of genes results in kids having the most desirable traits,  like "Bengali'r Matha u Pabo Aaru Logotei Axomiya'r Morom Loga Kotha!"

7.There are always the amazing clothes you’ll have

“Mekhela Chador Tu Asilei, Etia Salwar Kameez'u Try Koribo Paribo” and  we all know when it comes to clothes, the more the merrier.

8.Then, there are the dilemmas you face on and off!

And your heart always skips a beat thinking, "Tumar Ghorot Jodi Ketiau Aamak Accept Nokore?"

9.The wedding ceremonies are both delightful and disputing

One side may be telling, "Biya Khon Kintu Chaklong Tradition't He Hobo!" and the other side might come up as, " Aami Kintu Teneke Biya Napatu".

So, from "Ghorot Ketiyau Namanibo" to "Aami Soboke Bujai Lom", couples with different religions/castes have to go through a lot. And among all these, sometimes, love stories get sidelined. And this is because in our society falling in love requires more than just two compatible souls. Trying to be with the person of your choice itself raises eyebrows and above that, if you fall for someone outside your religion/caste, then only God can help you. So the bottom line is to keep your faith intact and let your Ram, Jesus or Allah decide where your heart belongs. Because, anyway you can’t control it!

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