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9 Things About an Axomiya Bangali Everyone From Poschim Bongo Should Know

Satyaki Roy
Contributor, Bordoisila

3rd January, 2016

Never were two people more divided over a common language. I am a Bengali who is born and brought up in Assam. Every time, I visit Kolkata the only thing that annoys me the most is how the so-called intellectual bhodroluks look down upon us- the Probashi Bangalis. Yes, my way of speaking Bengali may be a tad different from yours because I have been brought up in a state which boasts of its own diversity. But it’s my mother tongue and I have been speaking Bangla at home ever since I learnt to talk. I may not be well versed in Rabindra Sangeet but yes, I can hum quite a few. I may not be well documented in Bengali literature but yes, I have read Sarat Chandra, Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhya among others. Sherlock Holmes may be my favourite but Bomkeysh and Feluda never seize to amaze me.

We also celebrate Durga pujo lavishly as there are many Bengalis living here. Even my mother cooks sukto and sorshe ilish. My father gets mishti doi every now and then. Therefore, all things considered here are nine things you should know about us, if you are someone from Poschim Bongo and are reading this:


There is more to us than just maach and mishti.


When it comes to culture, I think we are more exactly an evolved diaspora since we not just embrace and absorb myriad cultures but actually live in a cultural melting pot.


Music: Our musical sense is greatly versatile. From Kabir Suman to Kishore Kumar, Chandrabindu to Coldplay, Rabindra Sangeet to Michael Jackson, Zubeen to Papon, we love them all.


Fashion: When it comes to fashion we are ahead of you by miles. From mekhela sador to saree, salwar to shorts, and jeans to dhoti we have a wider range of clothing line to choose from.


Food: Masor tenga to sorshe ilish, pork with bamboo shoots to mutton stew, we get to savour a wider variety of delicious dishes.


We celebrate not just Durga puja, but also our Bihus, Diwali, Christmas, and Eid with equal pomp and pleasure.


Education: I agree that it may take a while to compete with your state but yes, we also have a good number of colleges and universities. And we are proud of them.


Bangalir shera tumi football we too love football. But the thing is our horizon is not confined to East Bengal and Mohun Bagan only!


For your Howrah Bridge we have our Saraighat, for Dooars we have Kaziranga, for Darjeeling we have Haflong, for Ganga we have Brahmaputra, for Kalighat we have Kamakhya mandir, for your Battle of Plassey we have our Battle of Saraighat. And then we have our Majuli too.

I may be a Probashi Bengali but that doesn’t make me a lesser Bengali than you are. Do come and visit Assam sometimes.

Joi Aai Axom!


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