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9 Things Axomiya Parents Say When They are Supermad at You

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

3rd January, 2016

Parents will be parents. They are hard to understand at times. They love doting on their children and are always ready to unleash their wrath on anyone pointing fingers at their ‘alakhor larus’, but, when at home, parents can really give you a tough time. And don’t you ever dare to piss your parents if they are Axomiya ! They have an epic stock of clichéd dialogues which they use as an “ostro” and which never miss the target and, which literally spin your head right round, always.

1.When it’s 9 a.m. and you’re still in bed, dreaming

2. When your friend comes first in class and you last.

3. When you miss tuitions because of being ‘kaaniya’

4. When you are being told to pay the electricity bill and you plainly forget.

5. When you make a weak protest while your father is ‘gaali paaring you.

6. When your snoopy neighbor spots you with a girl on bike and complains to ‘Boss’.

7. When you leave your room in a complete mess.

8. When you muster enough courage and tell your mother that you love somebody.

9. And, when you meekly tell your father, “ Deuta, moi taik’e biya koram”.

So, which one do you get to hear the most? C’mon! We all are curious to know. Do share! Happy gaali khaaing!!!

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