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9 Things Every Assamese in Their 20s Will Relate to

Monikongkona Boruah
Content Developer, Bordoisila

3rd February, 2016

We’re fresh outta high school, adulting our way into a breakthrough, through the lanes of our colleges. We are all floating around with adrenaline rushing in our veins and our hearts beating out of our chest every time we see someone good-looking.

Basically being in our twenties is like eating ice cream. Except that the ice cream bowl is on fire and you are on fire and we are in hell. So ladies and gentlemen, if you are going through, what I call, a quarter life crisis like I am too, read on and rejoice that you’re not the only one who is walking on a tightrope between two skyscrapers.

1.You’ll eventually discover that heartbreaks are okay

I remember the time when I thought love meant being someone’s girlfriend. Or someone’s boyfriend. But I was wrong. Love is so many things at the same time. You find love with your friends, with family, with pets. Or maybe sometimes you discover that the best way to keep loving someone is not being with them. That sometimes the greatest love stories are the ones between people who silently stand up for each other, who appreciate and motivate you, who will pick you up when you fall down.

You seriously get over that ‘propose marim/yes kobo/no kobo’ phase and start loving and appreciating people for who they are, wherever they are.

2.You’ll discover that not being a ducktor/inginiar is okay. You’ll also discover that if you are one, that’s okay too

Let’s face it; the surfacing of every body’s twenties is a quite stressful time.

‘Papa’t ke besi poisa nokomale ki izzot thakibo bey!

Yeah, same story here too, my friend.

Careless as we might seem on the outside, but I know there’s always that part of the day where you reconsider all your life choices and think about where your life and career is heading. Our rooms might be messy, but our plans definitely aren’t. It is somewhere in the twenties that you’ll discover who you really are, what you want, who you want, where you want to be.

And if you haven’t done it yet, I’m sure you’ll do pretty soon.

3.The art of talking. No matter what, you are gonna speak it out

Oh, for the love of talking. Gone are the teenage days when you keep your feelings to yourself and not let the other person know. But these are the twenties and we’re wild wind. We don’t care, and we are definitely not scared.

And so you’ll find out that the best way to get something off of your chest is to talk about it. Adulting Alert 101.

4.You are used to the taste of living outside of home. On your own

Hustel life’, yes.

The twenties are a weird time. We know we’ve grown up because most of us go home on vacations and laugh at how we used to travel away from home on vacations when we were younger.

We eventually learn to live on a budget, nohole maah tu khotom hua agot poisa khotom hoi jabo no.

5.You start paying attention to your body

If you haven’t already joined a gym or joined the six-packs/biceps/triceps fan clubs parading around these days, I’m sure you will pretty soon. Or start drinking green tea, or cut down the junk, or run a few kilometres.

Anything to get that calendar-body.

6.The art of bailing out

Moi nuaru etu koribo.I know some of us just can’t say it.But now that you’re busy in college, or whatever it is that you’re doing, you’ll learn that saying no once in a while is quite okay actually(as long as it doesn’t make you lazy). You’ll start placing yourself first, but that doesn’t mean you’re being selfish.You’ll even bail out time for a little me-time. The time where you are all you need and have.

7.The firsts

Of course, the first breakup, the first patchup, the first getting wasted and the first hangovers. The first late night concerts, the first managing sob kaam okolei wala function. The twenties have them lined up. Most importantly, you discover a new passion every day.

8.Hormone-controlled no more. Phew!

Gone are the bitter sweet days of teenage when our hormones dictated how we felt and everything around us felt oh-so-confusing. You’re glad you’ve finally started gaining control over your life as well as your body, slowly, but surely.

9.Adulting, adulting and adulting

Yeah, I know it’s not a legit word yet, but who cares. Just take a look; I’m so proud of all of us. Walking through all of them problems with our heads held high and our pride and dignity where they should be. We’re all waiting for the hurricane to pass and are fighting to achieve our goals every damn day.

More power to us all!

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