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9 Unconventional But Promising Careers Every Axomiya Student Must Know About

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

2nd May, 2016

Choosing a career and going for what has always been in vogue has a great difference. We are now in an age where we select a field of study based on its job market. But then the atrocity of the world is such that most of us go for the same fields. And that makes it crowded and importunate. While outside northeast India, there are many scopes and career opportunities, here we are somewhere bound to the usual ones. But that doesn't mean we don't have potential. After all, we all know that strong living can be built even outside “Sorkaari Sakori” and becoming “Daactors and Eengineers”. So here I bring you some of the underrated professions that have great potential.

1.Fitness Instructor

“Weight Tu Je Keneke Komau?” is the most common issue of all the people. And this problem is going to be there for a long time. So if you’re into gym and fitness, then this can be a great career option. There are institutions providing training for it. And once you make a good position, good money will surely follow.

2.Application Developer

“Beleg Thakok Nathakok, Smartphone Soborei Hathot Thakiboe!” and thus in this “smart-app” time, if you can become an ace app developer, then your earnings can be as smart as your apps.


In this age of online media, blogging is definitely a promising career. There are hundreds of websites and there are hundred things to be written about. And if taken sincerely, you can carve a great career out of it. So all you need is a creative mind and good writing skills. And you’re ready to type your thoughts.

4.Ethical Hacker

It isn’t the “Mur FB account Tu Kunubai Hack Korile!” types. Ethical Hacking is one of the coolest professions of this age. Many companies give out good salaried positions for ethical hackers. And if you’ve got the zeal for coding then put it for a better use! And many institutions these days provide courses for ethical hacking.

5.Adventure Sports Instructor

Northeast India being the host for some of the nature's best sites, a profession like adventure sports instructor is definitely great. Developing the tourist sites and providing spots for adventure sports will be an added asset for the entire region.

6.Wedding Planner

“Ghorot Biya Ahilei Tension Hoi Jai Aru!”

But with a good wedding planner that won’t be a problem. And if you’re good at managing things and love weddings, then what can be better than planning weddings and making money out of it. And remember, weddings can never stop and so your career!

7.Online Tutor

Internet has made everything easy and accessible. And thus education is no more about classrooms only. So if you have the efficiency in teaching, then you can go for this profession. Many online tutoring websites are looking for the apt teachers. So, if you think you can pull this off, then thousands of students are just a click away from you!

8.E commerce

We all love to go online shopping. But how many of those sites are from north-east? So this is the right time to put your business skills into the technical use. With the right ideas, this can be one of the most prospective careers of this time.

9.Radio Jockey

It is one of the most popular unconventional careers. And a very lucrative one too. And with many institutions providing courses on RJing, this is definitely a fun career to go for. And with the increasing popularity of FM channels even in Northeast, making a great career out of it wouldn't be a big problem.

A successful career is often  weighed against the money it makes. But in true sense, what can only the money bring if you aren't satisfied with what you do. These careers are surely not easy shots. But if you think you are not about the regular career zones, then you can always give it a try. It can only be a dream to be paid to do something you like. So instead of going where everyone else is going, it is better to find your own way.

Above are only a few areas, there are many more unconventional but interesting career options. It is not hard to stand out in a crowd but the trick is to know what you want and go for it in the most efficient way!


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