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10 Reasons Why Dating an Assamese Girl is the Best Thing Ever

Monikongkona Boruah
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

19 August, 2015

Dating is awesome, more awesome is dating someone who is worth the love and affection.  Having said that, if you are in a relationship with an Assamese girl, consider yourself lucky and following are the reasons why:

1. She wears mekhela-chador. *deep breathe*

Could a girl look more royalty like...EVER!

2. But then again she looks drop dead in western outfits too.

3. If you ever get married to her you will save yourself the typical saas-bahuwala jhagda.

An Assamese girl will always behave humbly in front of an elderly. Dude, she has been raised that way.

4. She is well-disposed and nice to talk to.

Be it in person or over phone, you will never be bored of the conversation even if it drags on for hours.

5. An Assamese girl is more often than not calm and composed.

But that doesn't mean she is feeble in any way. The day you start taking her for granted is the day you will get to see the tigress inside her.

6. She will feed you Assamese Thali. And Assamese thali is awesome.

7. You will love her parents.

No sanskaarwala jhanjaat. Her parents are cool as hell.

8. She is not prejudiced about her community.

As long as she gets all your love and attention, she is going to tie the knots with you without a second thought.

9. She could become the reason you might ever visit the Paradise Unexplored.

Especially if you are not from around here, chances are huge you might just fall in love with her place as well.

10. A true Assamese girl will never call you babu or shona or baby or even puchu.

She will take it to the next level and call you- KOLIJA!
And that’s a fact.

The biggest flaw you are ever going to find with an Assamese girl is that she is sensitive as hell. Therefore, no matter which part of the country you dwell in or what community you belong to, if you are a single guy if you ever fall in love with an Assamese make sure you treat her with love and care 24x7x365!

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