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We are glad you visited this page. Now, we know you don't just want to view our wide gallery of exclusive 'idiosyncratic content', but also associate with us. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!

A unit of Bordoisila Media Networks LLP, is a one of a kind initiative to create and curate content designed with the North East India in mind. We know our folks looove us and here is how we can share the love with you too.

Advertising and Business Promotion

Advertisement & Business Promotion

If you are a brand, a start-up/local business, or even an OPC, we would love to help you with any advertising and content solution you might need. All you have to do is, request for The Bordoisila Mediakit by mailing us to

Event Partnership

Event Partnerships

If you hosting an event, a music fest or even a food festival, we can provide you some serious social media coverage so that your event gets the thrust it actually deserves. For event coverage/online media partnership, send us a brief about your event to and someone from our marketing team will get in touch with you pronto.

Creative Collaboration

We love working with amazing people with great ideas. For any kind of creative collaboration, mail us your ideas to and someone from our content team will get back to you.

For anything else, you can always call us at 09957956002/08472923936 anytime of the day.
Thank you for making time to read this. We hope to hear from you soon.

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