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10 Golf Courses that Can Add More Value to Tea Tourism in Assam

Raju Ranjan Gogoi
Contributor, Bordoisila

21st August, 2016

Assam is home to more than 700 tea plantations and they occupy more than one-fourth of the land. This has blessed the state with a unique beauty – of green carpeted tea plantations that stretch till as far away as the eye can see. However, many of you people many not know these lush green verdures of Assam inspired the popularity of the gentleman’s game- golf. Soon after golf was invented, British tea planters of Assam started liking it so much that they decided to play it here. As a result, many golf courses were set up all over the state.

1.Kaziranga Golf Resort -Jorhat

The Resort is located at Sangsua and Gatoonga Tea Estates in Jorhat, Assam in India.

Holes: 18, Yardage: 6830, Par: 71

2.Naharkatia Planters Club Golf Course

Achabam Tea Estate, Between Naharkatia & Moran

Holes: 9/18, Yardage: 6469, Par: 73

3.Doomdooma Golf Club Samdang Tea Estate

Samdang Tea Estate, 2 kms ahead of Doomdooma Town.

Holes: 18, Yardage: 6339, Par: 71

4.Tingri Golf Club (Keyhung Tea Estate)

Located 10 kms from Tinsukia on the Road to Duliajan at KEYHUNG Tea Estate

Holes: 9/18, Yardage: 6094, Par: 70

5.Dibrugarh District And Planters Club

Bokel Tea estate grounds, off the NH37, 5kms from Dibrugarh. On Dibrugarh to Ttinsukia road Look for a signboard that says Assam branch Tea association of India ( Zone 1). Take the left & after 400 mtrs take the right & go along for a km.

Holes: 18, Yardage: 6075, Par: 69

6.Margherita Golf Club

Namdang Tea Estate, Dibrugarh District

Holes: 9/18, Yardage: 6057, Par: 72

7.Thowrah Tea Estate Golf Course, Moran Polo club

Thowra Tea Garden, 5 kms from Moran.

Holes: 9/18

8.ONGC /Ligripukhuri Golf Club, Nazira

Holes: 9/18e: 5836, Par: 70

9.Misa Planters Club

20 kms from Nagaon at Misa, On the NH 37

10.Zaloni Golf Course

Duliajan Oil India

Unknown to the world, are these hundreds of acres of lush green plantations of world's finest quality tea. Little known to the world is also the lifestyle of the tea garden managers, living in bungalows spreading over acres of land and lush lawns with trappings of the Raj. Rosewood furniture, crystal chandeliers adds to the grandeur of the entire ambience of these bungalows. Naturally, this has led to the creation of some superb golf courses which are at par with the best of the world, be it in comparison of the grass, setting, luxuries or natural beauty. Here’s the list.

Today, apart from tea tourism; where tourists can stay in heritage tea bungalows and get to live a life of a tea planter, golf is another upcoming niche which has been steadily attracting golf enthusiasts from around the world. In total, Assam has 10 golf courses, which are uniquely located amidst the soothing scenery of tea gardens. As most of the courses are located nearby airstrips and helipads maintained by tea estates, it makes communication all the more feasible. With existing small air strips, it is possible for tourists to directly fly to Guwahati International Airport and charter a small aircraft straight to the tea garden, saving a lot of travel time.

Have you been to any of these golf courses? How did you like them? Engage with your comments below.


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