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Belgium Falls In Love With North-East India Cuisines, Praises Pour In.

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

5th July, 2016

Our country has always been a whirlpool of traditions. And our foods are as diverse as our customs. We have some of the most mouth-watering delicacies in the world. While the Indian food is famous already, all over the world; there are so many more Indian cuisines that are still not global. So to break the boundaries and reach out to the world, Lulu Pheiga, a girl from Manipur is introducing the authentic Tribal dishes among the Belgium streets. The mainstream Indian food is quite popular among the western countries, but this is a chance for our regional Tribal cuisines to impress the world.

Lulu, belonging to the Rongmei Naga tribe, is taking her ‘Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen’ in a food truck and making the people of Belgium go crazy over the Naga Tribal foods. It is a first of its kind and is already gaining popularity in Belgium. This is a great platform to make the world know your roots. And what can be more amazing in defining roots than your food. We’re certainly proud of our girl from the northeast for making the world taste what we have got. And to all the Indians outside the country, here’s Indian food on wheels for you. So grab it!

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