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Common Dialogues Every Clash Of Clan Players Have Heard

Nibid Borah
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

12 August, 2015

This is the age of androids. And when you ask an android user, what is the best strategic game according to him, he will always reply it’s Clash of Clan. With more than ten million android users already using this app, this is really a game worth playing. Being another “COC” player, I present you some dialogues all fellow COC players have heard or said.

1. Because unlocking dragon is a matter of pride

2. Nothing matches with the damage capacity of balloons. Or ‘loons’, like we call it.

3. Because 5 extra wizards mean extra loot and extra damage.

4. GOWIPE is considered as the mother of all attacks and deciphered as Golem, Wizard And P.E.K.K.A.

5. Only a COC player knows that feeling.

6. And you want an extra builder every time.

7. The first advice by an old player to a new one.

8. Spell nahi toh kuch nahi.

9. The better the XP level, the more experienced the player is.

10. The best one. The absolute WTF moment

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