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If Manuhe Ki Kobo Worries You Sick, This Photostory Is Just For You!

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Team Bordoisila, Bordoisila

5th April, 2016

This photostory is dedicated to the idea of not being able to live life on our terms because #ManuheKiKobo. Often in life, we have to give up on our dreams, our preferences, and mostly importantly our choices because Manuhe Ki Kobo. In fact, we even squeeze into a stereotype just to keep the people around us happy, and not break the social code.

We talked to the students of Jorhat Engineering College and asked them about their hesitations. If there's anything that they would have second thoughts about doing, just because manuhe ki kobo. Here are a few of the best reactions we got.

1.OMG look she's smoking. *has a heartattack* :X

2.My maa be like get out of my house right now. :)

3.Some of my people will be like daal mein kuch kaala hai *laughs*

4.Perhaps because they think a career in passion does not earn you enough.

5.Again because that's how it has always been. Generations after generations

6.Because aunty is a bit too critical about western wear. :/

7.Because falling in love is not sufficient. It takes more than that here.

8.Because perhaps they think late night parties, concerts, etc are for boys only. :/

9.Perhaps because Man-Works-Woman-Looks-After-the-Kids is too strong a stereotype.

10.My aaita be like morar agot nati tu suar bor hepah asile. :(

All things considered, we say let them be the way they are, they are always going to keep talking. Let's listen to what our heart says. Let's live life on our own terms and do what we really want to do. After all, if you feel something from the bottom of your heart, you feel it right.

Break the stereotype.

This campaign was brought to you in association with JEC Phoenix 16 and Fotokraft- the Official Photography Club of Jorhat Engineering College.

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