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Traditional Assamese Drink Lao-Paani Or Apong To Beat Goa's Feni And Russia's Vodka

Akangkhya Kashyap
Intern, Bordoisila

29th July, 2016

Here’s a good news for Assam. Apong, lao-paani, jou or any name you call it, these shall be Assam’s ‘heritage liquor’ from now on as per regulations laid down by the BJP Government of Assam in the annual budget of 2016-17. With an aim to promote the state’s traditional tribal brew and also Assam’s economy, Finance Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the Government has plans to take over Goa’s Feni and Russia’s Vodka by our state’s own heritage liquor. The Government is looking forward to conduct proper research on the brews and ensure sophisticated manufacturing processes so that they too can compete with brands from outside Assam.

Assam is a rich land of promising resources and opportunities. Our strength lies in our resources, as well as in our diverse ethnicity, culture and traditions. According to our Finance Minister, “There are many tribal brews which are healthy and of high medicinal values. Such products will be promoted as licensed items to be sold in permitted shops and establishments. These products can beat Feni of Goa, Heritage Wine of Rajasthan, Vodka of Russia and many other brands.”

We hope to see Assam’s economy rise with leaps and bounds in the near future. It shall also be a good source of income for many traditional families. Without any doubt, our local ethnic brews shall be conserved and indeed it’s a big opportunity for promoting Assam’s vibrant culture.


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