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Zubeen Garg Gets Furious, Slams The National Media For Ignoring Assam Floods

Tanuj Gautam
Contributor, Bordoisila

31st July, 2016

Assam is facing one of the worst floods of all times. With several districts being inundated, thousands of people of the state have gone homeless and are running helter-skelter in search of basic needs for sustenance.Yet, the national media prefers showing more sensational news over this and is giving a cold shoulder to this alarming situation. Such a callous outlook of the national media towards Assam and its people has invited ridicule and ire from all sections of the society. This time, it's Assam's singing hearthrob Zubeen Garg who has lambasted the national media for this. Here's what he said and made total sense.

"NATIONAL MEDIA", we are speaking....

When you call yourself national, you should try to maintain this too. What do you think of Assam? For your kind information, Assam is a part of India which has been neglected by the so called mainstream always. We can find little existence of Assam in the psychological or emotional periphery of the national media. If you don't love us, then we also don't give you a damn!! North-East is not a joke. We are not a joke bastards!! You can show the flood of Chennai or Mumbai, but not of Assam. You can highlight th traffic issue of Gurgaon but not the starving faces of Assamese people. Why? We won't allow you to treat us like step child anymore. Treat us like a part, or else get ready for th roar. We are lions. You must have to show us your respect. Assam is dying. More than 20 lakhs people are struggling to survive. It's not an ordinary flood issue. It's about those pale faces who are looking for food. Politicians come in helicopter but they can't feel th pain. It's enough now. Don't call yourself NATIONAL!! You don't know the map of India. For the sake of humanity, don't treat yourself as the voice of people. You can't even read the cold eyes. You are nothing but some paid news sellers. Shame on you salesmen..

Get ready my comrades, let's show these bastards what we are!


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