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10 Jaw-dropping Facts Which Make Dibrugarh Indispensable to India And the World

Prayag Kashyap Baruah
Contributor, Bordoisila

29th January, 2016

Dibrugarh, a picturesque town of Upper Assam situated on the southern banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra is a verdant paradise with tea gardens and dense rainforests. Along with the much sought after greenery, Dibrugarh, for long, has also been extending out the finest of education and health services to the entire North-east India. It has always made far-reaching contributions to Assam other than being a top-notch contributor to India’s GDP for the past many decades.

Blessed with an aura of serenity and nestled in the sprawling lush green tea gardens, this amazing place garners a lot of attention from all across the globe. With residents who are extremely peace-loving, amiable and cheerful, the town of Dibrugarh has hardly ever got mired in nonsensical controversies. So, then, let’s take a quick look at some of the lesser known facts about this incredible place which is not just indispensable to Assam and India but, also to the world.











Graced with beauty and bounties of nature, the paradisiacal Dibrugarh is also the emerging communication and industrial hub of North East India. Production units like Navratna Oil India Limited, BVFCL, Assam Petrochemicals Limited etc coupled with places like Koli Aai Thaan and Namphake village make Dibrugarh highly alluring and enticing to zillions of people. Still haven’t paid a visit? Well, just dust off your backpack and make that move worth making.

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