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10 Lip-Smacking Restaurants of Guwahati That Will Surely Leave You Craving For More

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

9th March, 2016

Thinking about some weekend retreats? Then the city of Guwahati has a pure blend of awesome cuisines in store for you. From authentic cuisines to the exotic Mughlai dishes along with the Chinese mouth watery delights to the smacking desserts, this city has got it all. So here’s a list of 10 mouth drooling eateries in the city which would satiate every bit of the voracious eater in you.


If there is anything which seems to be bliss in gastronomic sense, it has to be this place. This fish themed restaurant has an all in all attractive concept with interesting fish serves. One can really try for the fish finger with mayo dip or the bhetki masala to relish you senses!!

2.Three Guys

As the name suggests, this restaurant is a perfect mix of awesome food, great taste and pocket friendly menu. With an eye catchy red and green ambience, this place serves you the awesome chicken sausages and tandoori chicken hot meals. And one more thing  your platter is incomplete without are the mushy beverages like blue lagoon and cold coffee. . What now? Head to this place for some magical food experience.


Satiate you appetite with some tickling Mughlai dishes to turn your weekends majestic. This Mughlai themed restaurant delivers you Royal Mughlai dishes at its best. From the Hyderabadi Kababs to the Kormas and Nuns, this eatery has got in store a houseful of delicacies. Perfect place to start the day with that ‘scrumptious treat’.


Looking for some Chinese restaurant up here in the city? So folks, your search ends at this place. Located in the Christian basti area of Guwahati, this place is a bang on storehouse of Chinese wonders. Do try fried rice and chilly chicken and you can thank me later.


If you are a true blue food lover, than this casual dining place is ought to be on your list. Beatrix Special Chicken Burger, Chicken Mayo Sandwich and Tuna Sandwich are some of the delights to die for. So, go Guwahatians. Rush to this place of pleasant food and trendy caricatures.

6.Pink Cherry Bubble

If you folks are looking for some Italian joints in the city, then Maligaon area has in grip for you a cafe with a twist. With live music, magic show and a fine array of good food, this cosy place is worth spending your time in. The speciality of this joint is the Chicken BBQ Pizza, Crostani Pollo (Roasted bread with chicken and cheese) and the thin crust pizza. Also, with a good jam of pleasant playlist round the clock and the artistic artworks, the place is a perfect pitch for foodies.  A perfect hangout all together.

7.11th Avenue Bistro Cafe

The place welcomes you with a well crafted- decor. For all the meat lovers, this cafe offers you ‘yummilicious’ meat balls with sausages to make your day. The other options include Pizza Bianca with chicken and pineapple, Jumbo chicken wings and Mongolian chips with a chilly click. Plus, the place comes with free wi-fi station to rejoice in. So this is a never miss kinda food bay of the city.

8.16 Aana Bengali

Want to have some eclectic Bengali food experience? Then gear up to this noble Bengali food station. From Mutton Koshto to Pulao, Prawn Malai Curry to the Chicken Kasa, this place takes you off to Kolkata.  And don’t forget to end up your meal with the yummy dessert of Nogen Gurer Doi. Happy Eating folks!!

9.Gams Delicacy

Among the regional favourites, this traditional eatery is the home to quality Assamese food. The veg thali with mashed potato and non veg thali with options like fish, chicken or pork and bamboo shoot coupled up with mustard gram chutney gets you to the village style of eating. This place is a pure class Assamese food server and a must try out joint for traditional food lovers.

10.Naga Kitchen

If you are a true pork lover, than this place must top your list. Smoked Pork with Bamboo shoot, the Naga Thali, Naga Fried Rice, Pork with lai leaves, Smoke Chicken Naga curry, Chicken Thali and Smoked Chicken Bamboo shoot are some of the specialities of the restaurant. So explore this place for some fiery North-eastern food experience.

As the words of Bernard Shaw go like, ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food’. So rejoice the flavours of the city; eat, pray and love your food, relish your senses and fall prey to the countless cuisines of the Gateway of Northeast – Guwahati. Bon Appetit!

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