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10 Places Only a Tinsukian Can Relate to

Bidisha Buragohain
Intern, Bordoisila

18th February, 2017

At about 480 kilometres northeast of Guwahati, lies the Commercial Capital of Assam. Home to around 1 lakh people, Tinsukia is one of the major townships of Upper Assam. The city derives its name from the Tinikunia Pukhuri- a triangular pond built on the instructions of the then Muttack king, Swargadeo Sarbananda Singha back in 1884. The place boasts of being a truly cosmopolitan city with denizens of various ethno-cultural communities living here in a peaceful concord since ages. This listicle is dedicated to all my folks back home. Brace yourself fellow Tinsukian, nostalgia is coming.

1.Na-Pukhuri Park

The Na- Pukhuri (meaning a cluster of nine ponds), is the most popular destination for lovebirds. After all, this is the only place where couples can spend some quality time here. Mornings usually break with joggers and early wakers enjoying the fresh air, and as the day moves on, the park sees a lot of visitors children and adults alike who come here to spend some peaceful time; here away from the din and bustle of the downtown.

2.ATC Mall

All thanks to this place, Tinsukians never run out of fad. From latest fashion apparels, to the latest smartphone model, you get it all here. The place is always full of visitors, shoppers, moviegoers and window-shoppers. People are friendly here and you can make new friends too.

3.Daily Bazaar

Welcome to our own flea market. This may not be one of your most favourite places, but you know the memories of these alleys are forever etched in your mind. How many weekends I have spent here looking for a birthday gift for my sister, or maybe it was a dress for me. I don’t exactly remember.

4.Chaliha Nagar Field

Celebrations come to life at Chaliha Nagar field. From Mukoli Bihu or bihu functions to book/trade fairs, from puja mandaps to travelling theatres, Chaliha Nagar field memories take me back to those days when I was just a little girl trailing behind my maa as we strolled about.

5.Bhutia Market

Bhutia market is our one stop destination for winter clothes. If you are looking for a trendy makeover within your budget, you are at the right place. From fancy shoes to the latest apparels, the wide range of products you find in these galis will make you say “Aji sob kini loi jaam”. No wonder this market is a favourite shopping place among college-goers.

6.Railway Heritage Park

Learn about the rich history of Northeast Frontier Railways here. Whether you’re a family man or a single soul, a selfie addict or a friendzoned photographer, this place is a favourite hangout place for people of all age group.

7.Tinsukia College

Catering to the educational needs of townsfolk, Tinsukia College has been an indispensible part of Tinsukia since 1956.  This college has been an alma mater to many renowned personalities who have brought much glory to our home town.

8.District Library Auditorium

From education to entertainment shows, from functions to felicitations, District Library Auditorium serves as the sole venue for various colleges and cultural organisations.

9.Thana Chariali

Photo courtesy: Arunav Dutta

Thana Chariali is the life line of our town. Be it candlelight vigils or cultural processions, there's always something going on out here. No matter you are a student or a professional, it’s just impossible to escape the hustle and bustle of this place as it is a part of everyday commute.

10.Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and the Guijan Ghat

One of the major biodiversity hotspots in the world, Dibru Saikhowa National Park boasts of a rich collection of floura and fauna. This river island national park is one of the few remaining protected sites and is home to some endemic and endangered-range species of birds.

The Guijan Ghat, a sandy patch of land is one of the busiest picnic spots in Tinsukia district. Over the recent years, the place has gained much popularity among youngsters who flock here to click selfies.

This is just a glimpse of our sweet hometown. In actuality, Tinsukia is lot more than some written words. Here’s wishing all my folks prosperity and happiness.


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