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10 Places You Must Visit for a Complete Discovery of Tawang

Neelakshi Das
Intern, Bordoisila

10th March, 2016

What do you look for in your holiday destination? Do you wish to just sit back and enjoy the view in solitude or do you want to go exploring and trekking? Do you wish to drive amidst the serene snow clad mountains or do you want to spend some quiet time with your partner? Tawang is your ideal fantasy of a great vacation.

Some say it’s a surreal experience and some say it’s a home far from home but I say it’s a paradise on earth which is extremely flawless. Tawang, which means 'chosen by horse' is not merely a town which sees the first rays of the sun in India, but a heady mixture of religion, history and nature. Colors change with every curve in the mountains along with the scenery. It feels like a bridge to the other side of life. From my experience in this heavenly abode, I bring you 10 such places which I assure, will hold you tight with its rare and virgin sights.

1.Discover the legend of the Sela Pass.

A gate guarded by dragons with bright colored flags fluttering all around, heartily welcomes you, where history and romance meet. Wondering? Why history and romance meet? There's a story behind this, I wouldn’t spill the beans here but the curious ones can sure Google it.
Being there, anyone would feel that if there’s any place that defines heaven on earth? Then this is it.

2.Experience inner peace at Pangang Teng Tso Lake.

After a climb to the uphill, you discover the icy Pangang Teng Tso Lake. And anywhere your eyes reach, you will only see snow, carpeting the mountains for miles. The view is so magnificent it will actually calm your mind.

3.Pay a tribute to the war heroes at Tawang War Memorial.

Dedicated to the unsung heroes of the 1962 Indo- China war, the war memorial is a tribute to the martyrs. Once you enter the memorial, you get to witness the seriousness of the structure. It reminds us that in a war no one wins. The tombstone on the way gives an edgy feel that this peaceful place was once a battlefield.

4.Go selfie frenzy at Shonga - tser lake.

Also known as Madhuri Lake, this lake offers a spectacular view with the snow capped mountains on the either side of the lake. This place is an absolute delight for the photographers. So, photographers, pack up your bags because you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

5.Feel the sheer power of Mother Nature at Bap Teng Kang waterfall.

The place is a trailer on the way heading to Tawang that gives you glimpses of the extravaganza to be followed. The fall seems to be the union of many other falls. The sight is so elegant.

6.Have a picnic at Nuranang waterfall. Chill out in the truest sense of term.

A soothing view of sheer natural beauty, this is a kind of place where you can just sit back and relax. This place can treat your 'picnic jau bol' mood very well.

7.Take a bow at the Tawang Monastery.

The monastery resembles almost like a palace with a grand outlook and the casual atmosphere concealed with dignity making it noteworthy. This monastery is the home to the Buddhist monks who preach Buddha and the children are given here proper education. This is the largest monastery in India and is placed in the second position in Asia.

8.Trek to Taktsang Gompa. Reach there and witness the breathtaking view. Feel satisfied.

Perched on the ridge of a small hill, surrounded by the dense coniferous forest this Gompa is a must to be included in your bucket list of Tawang. A little effort to be put in for a fairly hard walk up, but believe me it is worth all the efforts when you get to the second viewpoint.  And when you’ll look down there’ll be this smile on your face and you will pat yourself at the back, and say Mission Accomplished.

9. Looking for something more extreme? Well, trek your way up to the Gorichen Peak.

Have you got a thing for trekking in the extremes? Or have you always tamed an adventure enthusiast within you? In any case, I bet that the Gorichen Peak is just the perfect place for you to test your physical stamina at the cost of an absolute view.

10.Sip a cup of elaichi tea at Bumla –Pass. Say, aah!

Nature, frozen lake and that white blanket takes it all to a different level.  Ahh! I can feel it in my nerves right now. The roadside army camps serve the travelers with quick snacks and hot elaichi tea. A hot cup of tea served in that cold windy weather is the best thing one can ask for.

Been there done that? If not, plan a trip to Tawang very soon. And when you finally reach there make sure you don’t return with regrets. Discover better, remember these places.

Have an experience you want to share, or is there a place I missed out? Don’t forget to feed back!

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