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10 Sensational Landmarks That Make You Fall For Dibrugarh Every Single Day

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

5th March, 2016

It doesn`t matter where you`re born or raised, there`s always a special place in your life for the place where you happened to study, where you had your college days or the University days. And it is the place that stays back with you all along. For me it is Dibrugarh, and in four years of graduation I completely and honestly fell in love with this place. And no matter how many words I add here there will always be something or the other that will be left behind to describe the beauty of this place.

The land of the tea gardens and surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra, this city is one of the most serene and yet lively cities of Axom. Even though words fall short for the places and their memories, here are some of the names of the places that surely will awaken every Dibrugarhian`s heart.

1.The famous “Thana chariali” must definitely top the list.

The most popular place of Dibrugarh. It would not be wrong to call it the heart of this city. With all the busy crowd and the tempos and the Bikrams(the other-bigger tempos) running on the street, it is one of the favourite joints. It is like the centre point for all the medical students from AMC and the University students from the other side.

2.Then there we have our very special Chowkidingee.

I call it the other Thana Chariali, a four way point which leads ways towards Boiragimoth, Milan Nagar and Thana chariali. And there`s the famous Chowkindingee field which hosts all the big functions, expos and fairs. And not to forget the Prakash sweet restaurant, they serve the best sweet curd.

3.The Eternality of the RadhaKrishna Mandir is certainly priceless.

If you`re in love and you are in Dibrugarh, you wouldn`t dare to miss this auspicious place. With a beautiful ambience, the RadhaKrshna mandir happens to be a memorable place for all the Dibrugarh folks.

4.The fun and frolic times that the “Fun-Cinemas/Sohum” brings to us.

This is the place where you`ll find the youth of Dibrugarh hovering around on the weekends. Be it the guys sitting on the stairs of Sohum or the girls shopping inside the mall, this has to be the most visited place in your Dibrugarh study life.

5.The poised Brahmaputra bank is the one place to go for the little lone times.

Dibrugarh is blessed with Brahmaputra and the river bank is one of the places in the city where you can have a soulful outing. The place is never overcrowded and the view of the river waters is simply admirable.

6.The first day first show at the “Rang-ghar” has to be experienced at least for once

No this isn`t the Sivsagar`s Rangghar but Dibrugarh`s very own single screen theatre. No multiplexes can replace the importance and attachment to this place.

7.The suburbia feel of the Bogibeel just couldn’t be missed.

Now if you are in Dibrugarh and you want to enjoy the outskirts of the place, Bogibeel is that one place. It is like, “Town khon ghuri ghuri bore lagise olop durot jau, boi Bogibeel jau” type place!

8.Creating memories among the promenades of the Khanikar Park is in everyone’s to do list.

Either it is celebrating friendship day or Valentine`s Day, the Khanikar Park is like Dibrugarh`s coolest hangout place. You can go for a little picnic or enjoy the place along with your DSLRs.

9.You can never have enough of the ever enticing Moungfi, can you?

Dibrugarh has some of the best food joints in Axom. While there are many good restaurants and Dhabas here, Moungfi needs a special mention. At a small distance from the University, Moungfi Dhaba has the best chicken dry fry and smoked chicken. You just cannot miss out on this one!

10.And of course there is the true feel of Dibrugarh around every part of the D.U.

The University students need not go outside the campus, for the University itself is one of the most beautiful places in Dibrugarh. With the Indian Rose Chestnut trees or locally called the Nahor trees all around the University campus, any early morning view of the university`s Jyoti Batsora is simply breathtaking. And to add to this, there`s the University Park, a great place to sit and chill. With the backdrop of the Assamese culture, the park is definitely delightful to visit and of course a great adda place for the folks here

Any place would become special where you spend a part of your life with your friends, creating innumerable memories. It can be the place itself or the people that make a place this beautiful that you carry on a part of it with you forever. And those “saahor dukan”, “wholesale market”, “University benches”, “Bikram rides” and stairs of your college buildings become the places of your best times. Any Dibrugarhian can tell you the sights to look for in this city but only an outsider who went there, lived the Dibrugarh`s life and cherish the place inside their heart will know what a magical city Dibrugarh is and why you just can't stop gushing about this place, as spirited as the nature!

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