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5 Eerie Things Which Make Mayong of Assam the Ultimate Heartland of Mysteries

Biswajeet Nath
Intern, Bordoisila

23rd February, 2016

Our world is a box of treasures. It never fails to amuse us with the places it has under its belt. And our homeland Assam is second to none. Be it the ancient relics found all over the various places or the historical monuments standing tall with their glorious past, our motherland has everything to fill us with awe. And today, we are going to talk about a place in Assam, well-known for its darker side. Yes, you heard it right.

That place, my friends, is ‘Mayong’. We have listed down some facts about this place which would surely leave you dumbfounded to the limit.

1.When the name itself holds mystery!

The name “Mayong” itself is a mystery. It’s not very easy to decipher the exact origin of this word. Some say that the name derived from the Sanskrit word “Maya (Illusion)” whereas some other believe that it has been taken from the Dimasa word for an elephant which is, “Miyong’. But whatever the origin is, it is quite apparent that it must have had a connection with the ancient culture of practicing Black magic!

2.The Scriptures say it all

There are several things said about this place in Mahabharata-The epic. It is said that Bheema’s son Ghatotkacha was the chief of this region. And we all are aware of the mystical powers possessed by King Ghatotkacha, which he used in the epic battle of Mahabharata to sweep the enemies!

3.Mystery roams in the air!

Mahabharata- The epic also mentions that the saints of black magic and the witches took shelter in the spooky forests of Mayong. And also, there are many more tales of men disappearing into thin air, people being converted into animals, beasts being magically tamed and so on. Now, we don’t know whether all of these are true, but it surely does spice up the name, isn’t it?

4.What do experts say about this place?

Well, historians opine that ‘Narabali’ or human sacrifices were carried out in order to worship ‘Shakti’ till the early modern period. Archeologists have also found swords and other sharp tools recently which go on to shed light on the strong notion of these being used for carrying out human sacrifices. And, we must not forget that sorcery and magic were traditionally practiced and passed down over generations. Getting the creeps already?  

5.There are books on Black Magic!

Mysteries associated with this place are never-ending. Though the place is known as the Indian capital of black magic, no one really knows when and how this place was exposed to magic! You may not believe it but, as shown in the Hollywood movies, there are actually ancient relics of black magic which were found in this area. They are now well preserved in the Mayong Central Museum along with the relics related to Ayurveda!

This place is indeed shrouded in mysteries. And your conscious mind may not be able to gather up logical solutions to the events that unfold or have already unfolded in this area. But, to experience the first-hand sizzle, you must pay a visit to this exceedingly mysterious land. And who knows? You might just get lucky and stumble upon a potpourri of magical tricks. Just picture what you could do next!

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