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5 Reasons Why You Should Make An Immediate Trip to Haflong

Pallav Senngupta
Intern, Bordoisila

22nd March, 2016

Hilly Assam is a land of sensuousness. The mountains float in the distant skies and the hills emerge from the heartland just like a chorus of some silent hymns. And the place standing out amongst all such terrains of Assam is Haflong - a town situated amidst the beautiful hills of North Cachar Hills. As Scotland is to the west, Haflong is to Assam. Etymologically, the word Haflong refers to “white ant hillock” in the local dialect and boasts of floristic diversity as it is home to a large number of flowering species and orchids.  So, let’s unravel the best reasons why you need to visit Haflong.

1.Jatinga is the suicide hub of migratory birds.

Located on the spur of Haflong ridge, Jatinga is a small village which is infamous for the phenomenon of migratory birds “committing suicide”. Although it is accepted widely, the birds do not actually suicide but get killed in the late monsoon months. This peculiar behaviour of the birds is yet to be deeply studied and addressed. However, from the elevated watch tower, one can see the birds giving in to their death wish.

2.The ruins of Maibang speak of the rich history of Dimasa-Kachari Kingdom.

When you come to Haflong, you can’t miss out on Maibang which is located on the banks of the river Mahur. Maibang once flourished as the capital of Dimasa-Kachari kingdom and the architectures now speak of the glorious past. Rajbari, the then  city of Kachari kingdom which is now in ruins, is worth visiting. The “Ekpatthar ghar” is equally noteworthy being an ancient temple dating back to the 12th century. Also, you might end up witnessing one of the many waterfalls in Maibang at this place.

3.Haflong Lake is a perfect spot to capture the best profile picture.

Haflong Lake is one of the most charming tourist destinations of North East India. Located in the heart of Haflong with the hanging bridge passing over the lake, it is an extremely scenic spot and offers various leisure water sporting activities and boating facilities. It is also an angling spot for fishing lovers.

4.The view of Panimoor water falls is ecstatic.

The Kopili River turns into a thrilling and gushing waterfall, rolling over the rocks of Panimoor. It is the place where one gets to see many wannabe photographers busy clicking their best panaroma.

5.The Borail Wildlife Sanctuary can be a perfect retreat.

The Borail Wildlife Sanctuary houses the finest and rarest of flora and fauna species. Notable mammals here are Serow, Himalayan black bear and Hoolock gibbon. Among the wide range of the birds found here, Hornbill, white-backed vulture etc are the eye catchers. Besides these, the sanctuary also harbours a vast amount of floristic diversity.

The Hills of Assam can be the perfect place for you to find inner peace and remain in proximity with the Mother nature. It offers you the different facets of the varied nature. In a nutshell, it can be said that Haflong is the place where you will end up finding many rich and vibrant shades of the bewitching nature. 

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