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5 Reasons Why Dighalipukhuri of Guwahati Has Always Been a Hot Favourite Among Young Love Birds!

Rehana Ahmed
Intern, Bordoisila

9th February, 2016

Dighalipukhuri, situated in the heart of Guwahati is a hotspot for the ‘premik-pemikas’ of the city. The love birds want a place where they get peace and privacy. Lagibo’e aru, ne ki kua?  It is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. No Guwahatiya ‘prem kahini’ is complete without a visit to this place. Here's why -

1.The scenic beauty of the pukhuri will make you croon “OO mure’ jaan; hagor’or homan…”

Sitting beside the lake, the cool breeze and the water gives you a feeling of freshness. And with your moromor maina or jaan by your side, you just feel like heaven on earth!

2.It is affordable. Such a relief!

You are with your special someone and then you realize you are low on cash. Ghor’or pora poisa nai pothuwa! What to do? Dighalipukhuri jau, bola. Dighalipukhuri acts as a saving grace. Roikhya!

3.Boat ride with your ‘monor logori’ is the best thing ever

Since time immemorial, a boat ride with your senai’ti or jaan’tu has always enhanced romance. Maximize your romance and do a sailing charter. I am sure, you won't regret!

4.A glimpse of the hundoris of Handique is almost Khatang

Misa kole nu ki hobo. Every other guy in the city is so much into the 'aakorxon' of xondikoi'r suwalis that dil hain ke manta nahi. Your 'senehor preyoxi joni' may not like it anyway, but kotha tu hosa and 'case tu olop nogen'!

5.Food brings two hungry stomachs together

With so much of strolling and sailing, one is bound to get hungry. Be it a quick fix burger or some other fast food or a filling wholesome meal, Prashanti is just the ideal place for you at an affordable rate (I'm not promoting it, anyway!). Khai saba tumi, mani loba tetia. And, jun’e khaise, hi gun gaai etiya.

Dighaliphukuri is loved by everyone, especially young lovebirds. Friends in gangs chill, lovers relax and rejuvenate. Taking a leisurely walk around the pukhuri or enjoying a boat ride is a welcome diversion from the mundane city life. Visit Dighalipukhuri with your loved ones to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

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