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7 Reasons Why Digboi is So Very Special to India

Bristi Sonowal
Intern, Bordoisila

11th January, 2016

Located in the far north –eastern corner of Assam is the small and beautiful town of ’Digboi’. The colonial aura that still hangs in the air, the amiable people, a well-knitted society and a rich culture, Digboi is all about these and much more. It has always been of tremendous importance to India. But, alas! Not many seem to know this fact. So, here we go then, learning what makes Digboi so very special to India.

1.First oil well in Asia was drilled in Digboi

Digboi is also known as the ‘Oil City’ of India. It is here where the first oil well in Asia was drilled (1889), making it the oldest oilfield in the world which is still continuously producing oil.

2.It is the birth place of IOCL

Digboi is considered to be the birthplace of the Oil Industry in India. Earlier owned and operated by the Assam Oil Company Limited, the Digboi refinery came into fold of the Indian Oil Corporation and now serves as the Headquarters of the Assam Oil Division.

3.The Centenary Museum in Digboi is one of its kind in the whole nation

The oil heritage of Digboi has been carefully preserved at the Digboi Museum. This one of its kind museum speaks volumes about the over 100 year story of Digboi through unique exhibits and equipments used by the British.

4.The Digboi Golf Course is considered to be the best in Assam

Amidst the blue hills and the green tea gardens, the British left behind a picturesque golf course in Digboi. This wolrd class 18-hole golf course has hosted many tournaments, both national and international.  

5.The majestic Bungalows of Digboi give you a taste of its rich colonial past

The Victorian bungalows in Digboi, more than a century old, will take you back in time to the colonial period. The unique ‘Chang Bungalows’ built by the British, standing one in each hillock, surrounded by well-maintained lawns and small kitchen gardens will mesmerize you.

6.The War Memorial in Digboi is a chilling reminder of the Second World War

In the War Cemetery, rest the souls of the brave hearts who lost their lives fighting the Japanese during the World War II. The cemetery has around 191 identified burials and a few unidentified ones, mostly of Indian and British soldiers.

7.Digboi is a rich biodiversity hotspot

The region in and around Digboi is home to a variety of flora and fauna and is the pride of Assam. Sightings of many wild animals like deer, tiger and the Asian Elephants are not rare in the region. The region has also become quite a popular bird watching destination for bird watchers over the last few years.

So come guys, visit and explore this beautiful little oil town and experience the colonial hangover yourself. The panoramic view of Digboi will be a treat to your eyes and the serenity coupled with greenery would calm your senses.

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