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7 Things Every Assamese Ever Journeyed In a Traveller Can Relate To

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

3rd May, 2016

Times have been changing and so are we; from landline phones to mobile phones, from letters to SMSes, from fully fledged sentences to hash-tags. And in these changing times, we have become somewhere addicted to speed. We need everything to be faster. And thus, to overcome the jeopardy of wasting time through busses, we got now the shorter and simpler travelling options called “Travellers”. And lately, these Traveller Busses have become very popular. Although busses are the first choice for longer journeys, the shorter ones are ruled by the Travellers. They are like the mini versions of the busses. They carry lesser number of passengers, and once the seats are filled, they travel like the wind and save a lot of time. And being often a “Traveller” passenger myself, I have noticed a few things that make the journey in a Traveller Bus all the more fun. Here are the seven things that someone travelling in a Traveller Bus would definitely relate to.

1.You are like a fresh new bait for them.

All the Traveller busses get aligned. And then when any passenger comes, the handymen will literally force them to get on to theirs.  

“Bag Tu Haathor Porae Taani Loi Jabo!”

2.And until the seats are filled, they keep riding the Traveller to and fro.

“Eta Jagatei Ghuraie Thakibo!”

3.Then when the seats are filled, they use their “secret” weapon.

“Tool Ekhon Ulai Diye, Jaate Aaru Ejonok Bohai Bhaada Lobo Pare!” and the funniest part is that the passengers even accept that tool as a seat.

4.As the journey proceeds, at some point the traveller becomes a City Bus.

For the extra fares, they stop at any point to pick up passengers. And then this smaller version of bus gets overcrowded.

Often the seated passengers are heard making complains like “O Tohote Passengerok Ghoror Pa Uthai Aan Goi Ja!”

5.Then there are the Drivers and the Handymen taunting their competitors.

When a passenger tries choosing one Traveller over another, the handymen and the driver from the other Traveller gives certain reasoning points to convince you.

“Baideo/Dada, Amar Taat Aahok, Heikhon Pura Khali . Aaru Jaute Bohut Time Lagi Jabo.”

6.And the one sitting right at the passenger seat goes through a lot.

Most Travellers have these folding passenger seats, and every time someone needs to get on or get down, the poor one sitting there has to get down again and again.

They will be like “Olop Uthi Diyok Sun!” Or “Jua Baat Tu Diyok Sun!”

7.And then there is another perk of the passenger seat.

You get a readymade seat partner i.e. the handyman of the Traveller.

“Dada/Baideo Olop Side Diyok, Moiu Bohi Lou!”

And all these, whether interesting or irritating, make a journey in a Traveller complete. On the good side, they do cover the time factor and make us reach often faster. And today it has become one of the most popular travelling vehicles for the common people of the state. So, the next time you get on a traveller bus, make sure you notice the factors above. And if I have skipped any, please add them in your comments below.

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