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7 Things That Make Cherrapunji the Ideal Holiday Destination For You This Summer

Neelakshi Das
Intern, Bordoisila

5th April, 2016

Since childhood most of us dream of touching those fluffy, white, cotton- like clouds up in the sky that bring out an instant smile on our faces. Being such a dreamer myself, I bet one would go up to any extent to be in a place where the clouds invite you to play with them while you stand there wonder-struck and utter, "Am I still dreaming?"

And if you too fall in this category of people, then I assure Cherrapunjee will be like a dream come true. Nestled in gurgling rivers and foggy valleys, the place lures everyone into its outright magnificence. A visit to these seven destinations below will leave Cherrapunjee embedded in the good books of yours forever.

1.Nohkalikai Falls

The story behind the name is quite fascinating. 'Noh' meaning suicide and 'Kalikai' is the name of the woman who committed suicide. The fall cascades down from the top of the gorge so elegantly that you’d be left awed. There are small food stalls nearby, that will serve your foodie mood with snacks and tea.

2.Dainthlen Waterfall

When the mist clears and the sunlight falls upon the raging water force; jetting down the natural rock carvings, this fall will haunt you for a long time. This fall is the famous crowd puller of the town.

3.Ka Khoh Ramhah

It is an idyllic picnic spot. It is actually a rock which looks like a replica of the Shivalinga with a scenic mountain view. It is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the serene beauty of nature.

4.Mawmluh Cave

This one is a trekker's paradise. The passage through the cave is full of twists and turns so I would better suggest you guys to load your backpacks with some eatables. Also don't forget to fill your bottles with some glucose for boosting you up from time to time.

5.Thangkharang Park

Laid on the high rocky cliff, the park presents you the best view of the falls. The well maintained flora will enthrall you and so will the landscapes that are a delight to the photographers.

6.Mawsmai Cave

An experience of caving in the Mawsmai Cave is the perfect thrill one could ask for. The cave is a marvel in itself and unique in its own way. The best part is that the adventurer within you will be treated well in its true sense here.

7.Seven Sisters Waterfall

The name itself tells the story as seven refers to the seven streams of water jetting down together making the view more lively and larger than life. Illuminated by the vibrant colors of the sun, the fall offers an enchanting view against the backdrop of limestone cliffs, making it too beautiful to behold.

And travelling to all these places would feel like a road to the untraded paths of the world. This surreal experience is more likely a journey of a lifetime which is beyond describing. Guys, make sure to put Cherrapunjee on top of your upcoming travel list. And if I happened to have left out some more places to be explored in Cherrapunjee, don't forget to drop in the names in the comment box.


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