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7 Things You Might Just Discover Here in Majuli

Asmita Rekha Bora
Contributor, Bordoisila

15th May, 2016

Keeping in mind all the facts of our beautiful ‘Majuli’ we already know, when we step on the sand and let the breeze brush and play with our hair, all we do is feel is thankful to homoy for letting us have the fun. And therefore, from my experiences in those amazing sandbars, here’s what I think you might just discover here.

1.You realise the might of the Mohabahu.

Staring at the seemingly calm but torrential waters of Mohabahu, you will realise the fragility of Majuli’s presence amidst the mighty river, Brahmaputra. Legends have it that the creator, Brahmaputra, is holding Majuli with its mohan bahu, occasionally leaving it breathless, but above all giving it the providential touch.

2.The Kohua and the Krishnasura, the bali and the botah.

The beauty of the ghats leaves you mesmerized. Majuli brings you one step closer to the fascinating gift of prokriti and rekindles our ‘almost-forgotten’ love for it. Nature is the single most beautiful thing of this planet and Majuli stands as thy witness.

3.It will help add more hope to your faith.

The air smells of faith and with people having religious sentiments so integrated in their lives, you will discover a sense of serenity in the idea of living in sync with the One Above.

4.An excellent exposure to the culture and heritage of Assam.

The satras, the stories, the naam-proxongos , the doba , the taal , the rituals , the holy books , the food , the people. Majuli has unexplored assets to be gifted to the seeker, to make us aware and proud of ourmulti-dimensional culture, to have us remodel ourselves into all the more Axomiya than we ever were.

5.You will discover the infinite powers of human mind.

Humble knowledge seems to have stretched the mind palace of the ‘deus’ to the point wherein the whole history finds its museum. Greater the thoughts, wider the prospective and we get to see this reflect in the open-minded faith they practice, eliminating pseudo-social norms.

6.Get introduced to the magical Mukha Silpa!

Majuli worships knowledge and the knowledgeable! The internationally famed Mukha Silpa, finds its place amongst the ‘worshipped’ in the Satras. Clay masks with expressions better than breathing faces combined with bewitching moves magically tell stories of mythological characters larger than life!

7.And perhaps just that it’s your Majuli too!

Because we are proud of it, because its beauty is incomparable, because it brings people closer, because it enlightens our tech-savvy souls, because we need to gift it its well-deserved fame. And once again because it’s our Majuli!

Come. Discover the roots.

Photo Credits : Abhigyan Bhuyan 

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