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8 Places Only a Morigoya Can Relate to

Arnav Jyoti Mahanta
Contributor, Bordoisila

18th December, 2016

Declared a district in 1989, Morigaon is a small bustling township located at the heart Assam. The town boasts of a rich cultural blend with people from different communities and ethno-cultural backgrounds living here in peaceful harmony. With your preferences in mind, I present to you a list of 8 places only a Morigoya can relate to:


With the water sports arena and over 75 species of water birds in its store to amaze you, this place is pure bliss. It is said that the indigenous Tiwa people used to fish here long ago and the place eventually become more famous during the Raj when British officials made the place a hunting ground.

2.Mayang and Pobitara

The old hamlet famous for the art of black magic, Mayong is  a few kilometres away from Morigaon town. The place is famous for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary which has a sizeable number of one-horned rhinos prancing in its majestic grasslands.  The sanctuary is also home to many migratory bird species. Every winter, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds from far West flock here where the winter is less harsh and food more abundant. Mayong also has a recordable number of temples, and one of them houses a natural statue of Lord Ganesha which is considered to be Asia's largest.


Morakalang beel is one of those places where most Morigoyas prefer spending their lazy summer afternoons. Although the water body has lost its lustre to eutrophication over the last few decades particularly, many NGOs like Make my Morigaon, Green Guard etc. are doing a great job in restoring the place to its former glory.

Pro tip: Remember to pack your camera if you want to click some pretty cool water birds. This place has hundreds of them.

4.Tinikunia Pukhuri

Also known as Podum Pukhuri, this smallish pond has been here from around the times of the Tiwa king Raja Arimatta. Town folks often gather here to host events, march vigils or just to hang out with loved ones and spend some good time.

5.Morigaon College

The Mohiruha which has been sharing its shades of knowledge, humanity, love and prosperity. Its hallowed corridors, the huge whitewashed symposium, and the noisy canteen, this place finds a special place in the heart of many Morigoyas who graduated from this sweet alma mater of mine.

6.District library

A breeding ground for local art and literature enthusiasts, the place is electrified with creative artists who gather here to host various events. With a recently done make over, the library is now the Launchpad for Jayanta Hazarika Memorial Cultural Project which is engaged in promoting fine arts.

7.Baghara and Amsoi Foothills

A lot of adventure enthusiasts come here for trekking in these prisrtine forests. Trek into the heart of the forest and you will discover a large variety of never before seen butterflies that flutter in these woods in a mellow manner unaware of the bustling township right outside.


Also known as Police Point Chariali, this place is located right at the heart of Morigaon town. With all its hustle and bustle, this place forms a part of everyday route of most commuters and therefore passes unnoticed. But in case you stay away from home, you must already be feeling nostalgic because heart is where the home is.

Missed something out, have anything to add to the list? Engage with the author in your comments below.


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