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8 Things About Barpeta Every Axomiya Should Be Proud of

Priyanka Kar
Intern, Bordoisila

6th February, 2016

Barpeta is renowned in the Historical map of Assam as the “Land of the Satras”. Barpeta derives its name from ‘Bar’ meaning big and ‘Peta’ meaning pond. Many of us are unknown to the fact that the town of Barpeta is uniquely divided into 22 Hattis that are inhabited by the devoted followers and families of the Gurus that are administered by the Satra administration. This unique feature is not found in any other place in Assam. And following are  a few features about the township that you will make you proud:

1.Barpeta town is known as Satranagri

A good number of Satras were founded by the great saints and scholars like Shrimanta Sankardev, Shri Madhabdeva and Shri Damodardeva influenced the society in all forms by impacting the Culture, Lifestyle, Politics and the Economy. Almost every Assamese family is affiliated to one Satra or the other. Barpeta Satra is one of the largest and powerful satra of Assam

The Barpeta Satra was founded by Shri Madhabdeva over 500 years ago at the heart of the City. Large number of followers came to Barpeta and accepted the Vaishnava faith under the influence of Shrimanta Sankardeva irrespective of their caste high or low that creates an egalitarian society. The Barpeta Satra attract devotees from every nook and corner of Assam, particularly during Holi festival and anniversaries of various Vaishnava Gurus.

2.Barpeta is the gateway to the Manas National Park

While discussing about Barpeta, the first thing that comes to the mind of many people is the Manas National Park, which is a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve. Manas National Park is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife. The place can be reached by road from Barpeta Road (20 km) connecting National highway No-31 that connects rest of India.

3.Bell Metal Industry of Sarthebari is known all over the world

Sarthebari town is located in the easternmost corner of the Barpeta district. Sarthebari is famous for its historical Assamese bell metal utensils and for traditional Assamese structure called XORIA and many people are associated with this industry for their livelihood. About 40% of the people in this village are working in this metal industry and the hammering of the metal at the furnace can be heard throughout the village. The products produced in the bell metal industry are exported all over the world.

4.Welcome to Assam’s largest Rash-Leela

Howly is located in between Barpeta Road and Barpeta Town. The Rash Mahotsav of Howly takes place here in the month of December, to honour Lord Krishna and his eternal love Sri Radhika. It is the most crowd puller event of entire lower Assam. Many communities of people of Assam participate in this Rash Mela. Many cultural programs are organized and various stalls of delicacies are also presented to pamper taste buds of the visitors.

5.Barpeta is famous for wonderful Assamese ornaments

Barpeta is renowned for its splendid craft of Assamese Gold Ornaments. The works bear super specialty in crafting and designing and maintaining exclusive quality. It is a part and parcel of Assamese social life especially during wedding times. The ornaments are still as popular as during the medieval period among the female community.

6.Barpeta is also famous for ‘Douljatra’ or ‘Holi’ festival

Holi (Douljatra) festival is celebrated here with pomp and hilarity. Although it is primarily a religious festival based on Satriya tradition, it can also be considered as a spring festival. The Assamese Holi Geet is sung during Doul festival. These Holi geet are the unique form of chorus songs that originated in Barpeta Satra and spread throughout the state.

7.The Barpeta district is rich in both ethnic and non-ethnic cultural art form

The great cultural ambassador Srimanta Sankardeva contributed a great deal in creating different art forms that became an integral part of cultural affairs of Assam.

8.Visiting some places of Barpeta will give you an insight into the culture and a unique experience

To spend a wonderful vacation you need to visit places like Manas National Park, Barpeta Satra, Satsang Temple, Manas River, Dargah of Syed Shahnur Dewan, Baghbar Hill, Ganakkuchi Satra and Pari Hareswar Devalay which will unfold you in a different world. The places has a rich cultural past and a glorious natural environment to keep your spirit soaring.

The Satras are truly a magnificent sight to the eyes of its beholder. A visit to these Satras will leave anyone mesmerized! And a visit to Barpeta will leave you with a lifetime of fond memories. I believe that a visit to Assam is incomplete until and unless you haven’t explored Barpeta. So I welcome everyone to visit and explore the Incredible Satranagari.

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