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9 Most Popular Hangout Places of Guwahati

Karan Kumar Hazarika
Intern, Bordoisila

31 August, 2015

What do you do when you have nothing else to do? Watch TV? Read? Nah. Of course you sleep. Or go hang out with your friends at your favorite place in the city.

1. Commerce flyover:

They say keep the best for the last. But nah, not this time. I’m pretty much sure there hasn’t been one person who hasn’t gone to this overtly famous hangout place. With the hills surrounding it, the view of vehicles and trains passing below the flyover and the breeze blowing 24x7, Chandmari flyover is one of the best places to be at on a lazy Sunday evening.

2. Uzan bazaar ghat:

You are with someone special and need a beautiful place to spend some time with them.But then you find you are low on cash. What do you do? Don’t worry, Uzan Bazaar ghat acts as the saving grace and saves your ass, basically. And don’t forget to thank the place as you watch the sun go down behind Umananda until the Brahmaputra finally swallows it whole, watch the ferries turning their lights on to meet the darkening blanket of dusk over the waters, feel the breeze mess with your hair and count your lucky stars that The Uzan Bazaar ghat exists.

3. Belle Vue:

Just a little further away from the Uzan Bazaar ghat is another little heaven called Belle Vue, popular amongst early morning walkers and lazy college go-ers looking for some hangout places during their legendary class bunks. And yes, it’s not Valley View.

4. Food villa:

From the unofficial canteen of Cotton College to being an amazing place to hang out with friends and family, Food villa has some really good gastronomic delights to offer that are also friendly to our pockets.

5. Anuradha Cinema Hall:

There are three words starting with F that are inseparable from one another - friends, films and fun. Anuradha Cinema Hall has served as a great hangout place for friends and a favourite haunt for love-birds with affordable tickets, clean ambience and great sound quality.

6. Shraddhanjali Kanan: Our very own S K!

From music shows to promotional events to rides to regular events like Metropolis, S K is a favourite haunt for most of the youth of this busy, growing city.

7. Pantaloons:

Great clothes, great food and a game parlor too? Check check and check.
Hit Pantaloons with your partners in crime already! And do not forget to play that paintball war once.

8. Big bazaar:

Feel like window shopping? Hit big bazaar.
Sit in the stairs, discuss the world events, etc, try some great fast food that the nearby stalls have to offer. I mean have a great time.

9. GMC viewpoint:

Want to view the heart of Guwahati but not on Google maps? This is the place for you. But make sure you reach there in the evening, when the sun has just set and watch the entire city start to slowly twinkle up with distant lights.

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