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Check Out the 7 Favourite Hangout Places of Jorhat Town!

Asmita Rekha Bora
Contributor, Bordoisila

2nd February, 2016

Admit it,  ‘Chilling’ is second to none. And being the City of Knowledge, Jorhat air has a large composition of stress in it. Jorhat-Exclusive students have painted these not-so-very-interesting places into the best hangout places in the town!

1.Eli Hall-Smriti Hall

No Inox- No Cinemax can manage to pump our excitements better for any movie, reviewed & criticised or unknown & unheard, than the plastic chaired and very muffled sound systemed Eli and Smriti! Just like the names suggest, they aren’t halls, they halls with a humanly spirit where fun isn’t directly proportional to the money you pay! 2 pm sharp!  Come can bunk that class easy!


The very homely taste and the very simple food of Nimantran provides the students the best escapade from the ever terrible hostel food, bringing us a step closer to ghar ka khana . The mutton and the curd savours flavours in our mouths, which stubbornly keep existing till your next visit in Nimantran.

3.ETC ( Eastern Theological College)

The pork paradise, ETC is the one stop solution for light pocket and heavy hunger. Boiled and healthy, this place has bloomed from a church canteen to an epic hang out place. Its proximity to Rajabari Park has even bettered the package!

4.Assam Agriculture University

It may sound strange, but due to (with heavy gratitudes) the immensely lovely campus and the very free-spirited authority of our Assam Agricultural University, AAU is the most favoured hangout place for a time-sufficient plan. The flora refreshes the mind like breeze blowing inside and the food feeds the soul. And who can miss the fantastic spots for the best profile pictures!

Never been there? You must be a puali Jorhotia.

5.Rajabari Park- Gandhi Park

The Jorhat map of stress relief spots cannot be marked complete sans the successful inclusion of the Rajabari Park and Gandhi Park. The slides and the swings which are very ride-able in authority absence and the very spacious places exclusively designed for the activity of ‘sit and talk’ are actually the real sense stress busters.

6.Rajmah Pukhuri

The cool summer breeze and the calm water ripples. Time flies being by nature amidst the very busy centre of Jorhat. Rajmah Pukhuri is the ultimate dating spot, the ultimate bunking spot and the ultimate hang out spot.

Food? Stretch your neck and see the rally!

7.Chill Point- Scoops

Chilling in a chilled ice cream parlour gives us chill like nowhere else! An exclusive delight for the ice cream lovers and the collateral gang,  Chill point and Scoops have served generations as a hang out spot and going by trends, will continue doing that!

Honorary Mention:

The very hustling streets of Gar-Ali holds the whole energy of Jorhat together!  This Sarojini of Jorhat has the gangs of all age groups hanging out, whether with work or no work! You name it, and you have it.

Photographs by Kunal Hazarika and Chiranjib Gogoi

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