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Ten Photographs That Will Make You Want To Drop Everything Else And Leave For Shillong Right Away

Purnendu Palash Baruah
Director of Photography, Bordoisila

15th December 2015 , 10:48:21

Tucked away safe in the bosom of the majestic Patkai range is one of the most picturesque states of India and that's exactly what nature photographer Dibyendu Das captured with his camera. And I could bet that after watching these truly captivating snapshots, you will say this one thing only, 'I wonder this is where I'll finally find my inner peace!' Happy holidaying, folks!

1.Amlympiang Falls


3.Dain Thlen

4.Sunset at Dain Thlen

5.Krang Suri Waterfall


7.Living Root Bridge , Mawlynnong

8.Mawlynnong Village

9.Mawsmai Cave

10.Tyrshi Falls

Dibyendu Das is a Travel and Landscape photographer based in Silchar, Assam, India. His works have been recognised and awarded in many national and international salons. A senior member of the prestigious Photography Club of Assam he confesses, "I find pleasure to shoot nature with human element, different moods of people and their expression. The blissful nature makes me passionate to capture the scenic beauty."

 Dibyendu da, thank you for the photographs and wish you a great life ahead. May the camera be with you. Always.

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