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Ten places every Guwahatian can relate to

Mary Jane
Content Developer, Bordoisila

9 May, 2015

It doesn't at all matter whether or not you are a Guwahatian, even if you happen to have spent just a year in this mighty city, here are a list of 10 places you will totally relate to.

1.Dighalipukhuri: Literally speaking, if someday someone decides to build a temple for Aphrodite in Assam, Dighalipukhuri would be that hallowed place. In Guwahati, no love story is complete without a visit to this sanctified park.

2.Shraddhanjali Kanan: We do not intend to suggest anything but yes half the photos that are posted from Guwahati these days have this place as the backdrop. Thank you Shraddhanjali for the photo sessions!

3.Planetarium: And then we have our planetarium. In spite of being an important scientific institution of our city, this one place is now just a faint memory for most of us. Most of the visitors these days are either tourists who are visiting a planetarium for the first time or kids who are yet to be amused.

4.Judges Field: If the night is right, Judges Field is that one place where the city comes alive. Because from bihu functions to travelling theatres, this is where everyone pitches their tent.

5.Fancy Bazaar: Guwahati’s own flea market. Where you can buy everything you ever wanted, always at great deals, anytime of the year.

6.Pan Bazaar: Pan Bazaar is our answer to Kolkata’s College Street. The place has been serving as the ‘Knowledge Bowl of Guwahati’ for over a century now.

7.Annuradha Cinema: Perhaps the biggest movie theatre of Guwahati, we will always have only this one thing to say about this place: ‘Anuradhat cinema suar mojae beleg’.

8.The Zoo: The zoo isn’t as amusing as it was before because now when you can spot the fauna out if the zoo, why pay and watch them in the zoo. Thanks leopards, elephants and monkeys for making Guwahati a WILD city, literally. You make us feel so lot safer.

9.Kamakhya: I say thank God for the Kamakhya Temple. “Ek matro porisito jegah” of the North East it is, for the rest of India. And yes, how can we not mention the Ambubashi Mela!

10.GS Road: The glittering facades that dominate the city skyline speak for themselves. This place adds the ‘Oomph! Factor’ to Guwahati metropolis.

Tout ensemble, Guwahati is one heck to a city to live in. No wonder why they say 'Guwahati'r botah ebar lagile ghorole monot nopora hoi'(Once you are touched by Guwahati's 'air', there is no getting home sick again)

Photographs by Purnendu Palash Baruah

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