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Ten places Only a Nogoya Can Relate To

Mary Jane
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

13 May, 2015

Located at a distance of just 120 kilometres from the state capital, Nagaon is perhaps the second most bustling city of Assam after Guwahati. A home to around 150 thousand people, this 'New Village' (literal meaning of Nagaon) reeks of youth and vitality. Following is a list of 10 places in the district headquarter that every Nogoya will totally relate to:

1.RD & Sons: This cloth shop has dressed our forefathers, literally speaking. No matter how many new fancier showrooms crop up all over the town, they can never beat RD & Sons neither in trust nor in 'senti'. Be it Bihu, be it Eid, a visit to this store is idiosyncratic to everyone in the town. So much so that 'RD'r pora loisu' (it's from RD) has become a cliche for every Nogoya.

2.Chitraban Cards Gallery: Thanks to Chitrabaan, the fact that there is no Archie's Gallery or Hallmark showroom in Nagaon never bothered us. No matter what red letter day of the year it is, we buy our stash of greeting cards and showpieces from this one shop only. Although the online shopping craze is gradually starting to take a toll over Nagaon these days, Chitrabaan still wins because be it our first Valentine card or a silly Birthday hat, three years back this was our only option.

3.The KoLong walk: We could care less if Mumbai has the Colaba and Delhi has the Cannought Palace for Facebook photo sessions because in Nagaon we have our own rendezvous for that. And trust me, it's even better.*hyperventilates*

4.Sugandhi Dhaba cum Restaurant: Located away from the town bustle, Sugandhi is the safe haven for those who are seeking some 'xanti'. Lying right at the mouth of the town, this one dhaba is every Nogoya's favourite place to be during summer evenings, especially at New Year's Eve and Diwali. Surrounded by lush paddy fields, Sugandhi is a perfect treat for both the stomach and the soul. If you haven't visited Sugandhi yet, boy you ain't a loyal Nogoya. Trust me!

5.Mukut Sharma Chariali (MSC): Mukut Sharma Chariali (better known as MSC is the India Gate of Nagaon) Apart from being a top-rated 'adda-point', MSC also serves as an elite venue for candlelight vigils, protest marches and cultural processions for the townsfolk.

6.District Library Auditorium: The District Library Auditorium is our own Royal Albert Hall. College freshman, magic shows, lectures, workshops, cultural services, felicitation ceremonies, you name it and they will have the auditorium ready. But yes, make sure you book in advance as it's real rush considering the ever increasing number of 'junior colleges' these days.

7.Krishna Talkies: A few years back, when every other cinema hall in Nagaon was running 'adult movies', this one theatre kept it clean and single-handedly catered to the entertainment needs of the Nogoyas. A special sentimental attachment will always keep this theatre close to our hearts.

8.Nurul Amin Stadium: Most of the sloths won't be able to relate to this place, no doubt but the 'Jubilee field' has always been the exclusive recreational area for the early birds. Come early morning to the stadium one day and breathe in a bit of fresh air (or stalk beautiful people around).

9.The Uriyagaon Bypass: This wide avenue is our answer to the Fast And Furious films. Races, stunts, cop chases, accidents, this place is never out of action.

10.Nehrubali: Be it the Hanumaan Mela, the expo, the Bhogali Bihu Utsav, the book fair, or the driving practice, Nehrubali is that one place which keeps Nagaon alive and awake.

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